Tournament Rules

1) Entry Fee is $60.00 with $20.00 of  that going to big fish pot Exception is for (“OLIVARIS-FURCATUS TOURNAMENT”.) (Which is $200.00. Breakdown is $150.00 going to Entry Fee and $50.00 going to Big Fish.)  And (“Hoover Chill Out”  Which  is $100.00 Breakdown is $80.00 going to Entry Fee and $20.00 going to Big Fish.) ( PLEASE TRY TO HAVE EXACT AMOUNT.) I don’t carry that much change on me.)

2) Fishing with rod and reel only. Unlimited amount of poles allowed in boat but only 2 rods per person in water at any time. no trout lines or jug fishing. no chumming. no trading or accepting catfish with or from another entry, or with another person on shore or water. All catfish must be caught from hoover.

3) Only live fish and in good health will be weighed in!  And if the fish is not in good health and does not revive when released you will have up to 10 minutes after weigh-in closes then that fish will be weighed again and that amount will be deducted from your total weight. If you are the last one in weigh-in line you will have 10min to revive the fish. That includes all others, any fish not rivived will be weighed and deducted. If you have two separate times of the deduction. You will not be able  to fish another tournament, till  the problem is solved with  the care of your fish. “No fish to be dumped off the end of the dock” So take care of your fish!     (No fish to be kept on stringers or bought to weigh-in on stringers.)

4) (3 fish limit) state laws and regulations will be observe.
With the NEW CHANGES on HOOVER we will have to follow. This is how it will work.

1 person in the boat ( 1 blue or channel over 28 inches. 1-2 or 3 channel or blue under 18 inches. 1 flathead over 35 inches. 1-2 or 3 flathead under 35 inches. For a total of 3 fish at weigh-in.

2-3 person team ( Same as above except 2 blue or channel over 28 inches is allowed or 2 flathead over 35 inches. If you have 2 flathead 35 inches or over  you can still have 1 blue or channel over 28 inches.  But you better have the livewill to handle them baby’s.

5) Official time will be announced at take off, weigh in time will also be announced. Team must be at the dock or in the parking lot at announced time or they will be disqualified.
If you leave early, or have any trouble getting back to the dock you must call or text. (We don’t want to leave anyone stranded). (614)-638-9375

6) All disputes will be settled by a majority rule basis

7) No anchoring or drifting within 50 yards of a anchored boat is permitted. Drifting or trolling pass another drifting or trolling boat will maintain 100 Feet Clearance.

8) No alcohol or drugs permitted during event or weigh in.

9) life jackets must be worn at take off.

10) All boats must launch from walnut st. boat ramp.  Unless otherwise stated. (This has been revised, please check RULE 22)

11) In a event of a tie, the team with most fish will place higher. If still a tie, the team with the largest will place higher

12) Courtesy and sportsmanship will be expected and practiced
by all event participants.

13) No one may be allowed to compete who has been proved to have cheated or who exhibited improper conduct at any previous tournaments

14) Violation of any of these rules are grounds for disqualifcation and/or expulsion from future events

15) This a “rain or shine” tournament, in case of bad weather be safe. Teams will make their own decesion on whether to stay on the water or get off. Regardless of the weather, weigh in times remain the same.  unless otherwise stated.

16) Flathead blues and event workers are not responsible for accident or injury. a waiver must be signed

17) A Live well check before the start of each tournament.

18) One and Two person team event. Third person allowed if 16 and under or 65 and over. But limit size of fish is the same as if there was 2 in the boat. and if boat weight limit is not over.

19)  No culling at weigh in. Only 3 fish is aloud to be brought into weigh in. You must have your fish you want to weigh in ready to be weighed. If caught with more then 3 fish at weigh in there will be a 2 lbs deduction of total weight.

20) Fish will be measured if it’s close to the state regulations, or if anyone thinks its close. Fish will be measured with head against the bumper board, tail held up and close together.

21) Hoover Reservoir Regulations: will be observed, but we’ll leave to your discretion during emergency situations. If caught breaking Hoover Reservoir Regulations you may be disqualified.

22) Trailing will be allowed. You will have to have all members of your team present at check-in and weigh-in. Which both check-in and weigh-in Will be held at Walnut Boat Ramp. If you decide to trailer you must state it at check in. You will be given a card. This card must be turned back in at weigh-in at the end of end time of tournament. There will be NO CARD EXCEPTED AFTER 5 MINUTES AFTER STOP TIME. that means you do not get to weigh-in. So make sure you leave your ramp in time to make it back in time without rushing or speeding back. You never know what’s the traffic will be like. Flathead Blues will not also be responsible during your travels. At the beginning of tournament you may not leave the parking lot till Minutes before the start of the tournament (This will be a trial run, if it becomes too much of a problem or we get too many complaints from the watershed dept. It may be cancelled and all boats will launch from Walnut Boat Ramp.) If you decide to leave the tournament early and go home please call me so I know that you have left. So I don’t have to worry if things are all right. You can get hold of me by texting me or calling me at (614- 638-9375) its not hard.

23) Most  IMPORTANT RULE of all. BE SAFE and HAVE FUN!

35 lbs flathead hoover

         flatheadblues 092


5 boats or less –   100% to 1st place

6 – 7 boats –   1st – 70%   2nd – 30%

8 plus boats –   1st – 50%  2nd – 30%  3rd 20%